Apr 15

Indeed, what’s more unpleasant than to find yourself drowning in a mass of information and not knowing where to start?By dint of hearing that it is difficult, to marvel at the genius and virtuosity of our favorite musician and to panic in front of a mountain of technical terms that would turn a pale aspirin, we can very quickly find ourselves jettisoned and give up even before you start.

Too bad? And if the music turns out to be a vocation for you, it’s all the more wasted! To avoid all that, we will give you 6 concrete keys to start well in music. For the music startup ideas you need to follow the below directions.

Go Beyond the Beginner’s Complex

Many people are reluctant to embark on a new activity because they are what I call the “beginner’s complex”.

  • We are in a performance society that pushes us to hide (to others and to ourselves) our imperfections. So, when you start, you feel zero compared to others and we are ashamed.
  • The first thing you need to realize is that no one is asking you to be good. Put your ego aside and accept being null. Give you the right to be worthless!
  • When you start a new activity, it’s perfectly normal not to be competent and to be in trouble. This is the very principle of the word “begin”, you start from scratch!
  • By cons, stay ambitious! It is not because your current level is low that it will be later. In my school I hear a lot of people devaluing themselves with a pseudo-mockery just to look humble but all that is bullshit!
  • It’s just a defense system that consists of sending spades to oneself to make others laugh and avoid receiving them. I guarantee you there is nothing better to kill your ambition and stay in mediocrity.
  • We have seen in a previous article that humility is the fact of esteeming oneself at its true value and not being devalued. A low level is not necessarily something negative, it is the opportunity to learn a lot of things, about you, about others and about music.

Have Clarity

Before you embark on the big adventure, you have to determine exactly what this adventure is.

We will not hide it, your vision will evolve by force of practice! But the right determination of what you want to start, and what particular aspect you want to develop will allow you to ask relevant questions to your teachers.

Train yourself

Make sure to go to an environment that allows you to progress. Joining a school, a conservatory and taking lessons with a teacher, will put you in touch with people more competent than you who will allow you to progress.Choose a teacher who inspires you and ask him a maximum of questions. Seeking competent people will help you clear up your shadows and understand music much more quickly.


As Robert Greene so aptly puts it in his book “Achieving Excellence,” which I warmly recommend, the first step in learning is observing.